The Kilnsman's Dram

Creating a new brand identity, bottle and multiple label designs as well as a range of 3D visuals to be used across social media. A critical and highly skilled part of the whisky making process that requires a lot of experience to ensure a consistent flavour profile for peated and unpeated whisky.

Not simply drying out the barley after germination but stopping the grain using the starch which is essential during distilling.

Moisture content, temperature control and the need to render enzymes inactive before milling. The Kilnsmans' Dram celebrates the dedication, experience and ability to read the requirements of a malting floor and the interaction between the grain and the heat. Goldfinch Whisky released this range to shine a light on this skill set which is dying out in distilleries but is being modernised through modern craft maltsters using mechanised systems.

When you see the thumb print on the bottle, you know the Kilnsman’s would have approved of the spirit quality included in the bottle. The tapered body and pronounced shoulders blend with barrel neck to emphasise the premium nature of the Spirit within. These elements and the brand positioning were documented in a set of guidelines, to ensure the consistent application of the brand at all times.

3D Visualisation


3D Visualisation