Radio Buena Vida

Brand identity for promoting a growing community of music and wine lovers.

Buena Vida is a progressive and far reaching project promoting a growing community of music and wine lovers in Glasgow. They play a broad and eclectic range of genres on a platform that strives to remove and break barriers while encouraging free expression.

Buena Vida are pretty certain that they have the wine for you whatever your tastes as well as their daily changing by the glass list, our weekly wine flights and our little brown book of older, odder or rarer wines.

Buena Vida is an online & live radio station based in Glasgow. Tune in live or listen back to their music archive of radio and mixes. We were tasked to create their new brand identity using key elements of their business model. We had to incorporate two fundamental assets within the logo which was music and wine. The marque clearly shows the shape of the vinyl record and Bordeaux shaped wine bottle which was then blended nicely with a modern sans-serif font to create an eye-catching impact.