The brand’s mantra is ‘everything is art’. So, what you see, feel and experience is a lifetime of imagining, innovating and creating. We were tasked to undertake the development of the brands website, refining the overall look and feel of the provided design assets and adapting them for digital use.

Picasso's, founded in Birmingham in 2017, began with a mission to revolutionise the dessert scene. The business was founded on the passion of its owners and their creative vision.

Intentionally crafted desserts were made with a focus on creativity, making each item an edible work of art. Each dish was carefully thought out to craft each item with an artistic flair that provided an enjoyable taste and an eye-catching presentation.

Collaborating with Picasso's brand designer we used designs that were provided to the team and adapted them for digital use. This ensured that they were responsive across a range of browsers and devices. The colour palette was adapted in line with the website brief.