Corporate Wear UK

Crafting a compelling branding identity for Corporate Wear UK, a 25+ year old family business in the clothing sector.

In this era of dynamic corporate evolution, we hold the belief that apparel should transcend its utilitarian function and embody a sophisticated reflection of the forward-thinking nature inherent in modern businesses.

Our recent branding initiative goes beyond the conventional scope of uniform design; it’s a strategic effort to cultivate an identity that harmonizes seamlessly with the ethos of contemporary professionalism.

Our meticulous journey involved the refinement of the existing logo, a delicate process aimed at preserving the established brand’s integrity while introducing nuanced sophistication. Our commitment to maintaining the brand’s essence while elevating its visual appeal underscores our dedication to a timeless aesthetic.

In addition to logo refinement, we ventured into the creation of comprehensive marketing materials, orchestrating a cohesive narrative that extends from commanding billboards in strategic locations to refined social media graphics that resonate across digital platforms. Our approach was deliberate – to craft a compelling story that not only captures attention visually but also resonates emotionally with our audience.