A new rebrand for Glasgow based Chouchou, the only label to specialise in luxury hoods.

Chouchou quickly became recognised for quality and distinctive design. Glamorous, easy to wear, but most importantly original, Chouchou speaks to the woman who enjoys being noticed and has her personality shine through in what she wears.

Featured in British Vogue, Chouchou achieved international recognition when it was selected for the catwalk at New York’s Tartan Fashion Week 2013, a showcase of the best in Scottish design alongside the likes of Harris Tweed and Vivienne Westwood.

The font used is inspired by the serif typefaces used in editorial media in the 70s and 80s. The morphology of the letterforms makes this typeface ideal for display purposes like logos and big, bold headlines. Also, thanks to its large x-height it works perfectly on headlines with tight leading. On the other hand, its high contrast and very simple and recognisable shapes makes it highly readable, so it works on small, long texts as well.