3D visuals for Eden Mill’s Art of St. Andrews Collection

We were approached by Glasgow based Tangent to create 3D visuals for Eden Mill’s new collection.

The bottle is a realistic model, with high-quality textures and materials. The lighting is dramatic and creates a sense of depth. The background is simple but effective, and helps to draw attention to the bottle.

This beautiful limited edition presentation whisky box, adored with the work of this year’s collaborating artist Mairi Clark.

For 2022, Mairi Clark has created a richly textured and vividly colourful oil painting of the dramatic St Andrews coast — incorporating a subtle depiction of our upcoming whisky distillery, as a bright point on the horizon ahead. Mairi’s artwork perfectly echoes the marriage of flavours in this year’s limited edition St Andrews whisky expression: which is a sweet yet subtly spicy whisky, that brings a rush of sherry and apple notes underpinned by a toasty, buttery nuttiness and zesty bitters.

You can view our work here.