Amodo Mio

A—MODO—MIO is the grammatically correct way of saying the small Italian family business’ name meaning “My Way”. They are the sister company of Alloa’s famous restaurant Bar Aldo’s and plan to take Italian dining to the next level, making it fun, interesting and most importantly simple… hence their slogan “Mangiare Simpleciamente”.

The family ventured and travelled from Italy to Scotland over 40 years ago, and ever since they have carried on the Italian tradition in living and eating. The beauty of Italian dining is that it can cater to everybody’s culinary palettes… from the most common dishes such as pasta and pizza to fresh fish and rare meat dishes, which have originated from all over Italy.

We were delighted to have been asked to create the branding and all print materials for the restaurant. We stayed away from the usual Italian style branding and went for a bespoke typographic logo which has been a massive hit with the locals.